9mm Special Sniper Rifle VSS

9mm Special Sniper Rifle VSS


The 9 mm Special sniper rifle VSS (index 6П30) is an automatic firearm, its automatic operation is based on the work of the energy of powder gases which leak out of the barrel bore to the gas chamber, barrel bore locking is provided with the bolt turning round its longitudinal axis at 6 locking lugs.

The rifle VSS is designed to shoot a special 9-mm sniper cartridge (SP5) and is intended for a noiseless shooting at a distance of 400 m.

The design features of the VSS rifle are:

  • high characteristics in the ac­curacy of fire and closely-grouped fire are achieved due to an original design of the assault rifle barrel;

  • high hitting is guarantied due to the subsonic velocity of a bullet (noiseless shooting is possible);

  • a silencer is a rifle’s integral part, it assures noiseless and flameless shooting, the silencer’s design provides a no replacement usage during the rifle life service;

  • a quick assembling into three parts makes it comfortable to carry the rifle secretly (in a special bag or case)

  • absolute harmless handling is guarantied with safeties;

The main type of assault rifle shooting is automatic.

A cartridge feeding is provided out of a detachable double-column sector magazine with the cartridges located in a chess-board order. The magazines are interchangeable.

The rifle is equipped with a sniper optical sight.

A common night sight is possible to use.

Cartridges types used for the rifle VSS shooting:

SP5 - 9-mm sniper cartridge;

SP6 - 9-mm armour-piercing cartridge;

7H9 – 9x39 mm sniper cartridge with advanced penetration.

7H12 – 9x39 mm armour-piercing cartridge;



Caliber, mm


Rifle weight with an empty magazine without a sight , kg


Rifle dimensions, mm:


Width without sights

Height without sights




Magazine capacity, cartridges


Sighting range, m

With an open optic sight

With a night sight

Up to 400

Up to 300

Bullet muzzle velocity, mps

282 - 295

Shooting mode

Single and automatic

Working temperature rate, 0C

-50 to +50