Self - loading Hunting Carbine KO 91/30

Self - loading Hunting Carbine KO 91/30


The self - loading hunting carbine KO – 91/30 is made by modifying the used 7.62 sniper rifle of 1891-1930, which as per criminalistic demands of Ministry of Home Affairs, the RF.

The carbine is intended for amateur and professional big game hunting.

A 7.62x54R hunting cartridge is used for shooting.

The best shooting results are achieved at the distance of up to 400 m.

Cartridges are fed from a non- detachable box magazine.

The bolt type is a divisible sliding bolt action. There are striking and safety mechanisms in the bolt.

The reloading takes place at bolt moving back to the stop and then forward.

When the bolt is moved backward and turned left the trigger is placed on safety.



Magazine capacity, rounds5
Carbine weight without cartridges, not more, kg4,0
Carbine length, mm, not more1230
Barrel length, mm, not more730
Sighting range, m2000