Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod
About company

Tula Arms Plant, founded in 1712 under the decree of Peter the Great and transformed into a joint stock company in 1993, is one of the recognized centers of military and dual use technologies.

Following three-century traditions of arms mastery the plant offers their clients and partners its military goods: high-precision anti-tank guided missile 9M113M of «Konkurs-M» System, intended to engage modern armoured vehicles equipped with explosive reactive armour, fortified fire emplacements, low flying helicopters; 9 mm small-size assault rifle AM intended to engage the enemy manpower wearing antifragmentation armour vests as well as the non - armored vehicles at a distance of 200 m; 7,62 mm Special Self-loading Pistol which is a personal weapon for noiseless and flameless shooting under the conditions of cover attacks and defence; 9 mm assault rifle AS is intended for noiseless and flameless shooting to hit the enemy manpower wearing any type of bulletproof vests; 9 mm Special Sniper Rifle VSS is intended for noiseless and flameless shooting; 5,45 mm Kalashnikov short assault rifle with a folding stock is an individual weapon. The small dimensions and high hitting capability make it possible to use the assault rifle in any extreme situation.